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Media – Blood of Our Soil

Blood of Our Soil 

Photo by Mat Simpson.

Toronto Premiere – March 7-16, 2019


3/4 Stars – Makuch, Lundeen and MacKenzie have done a remarkable job of creating a theatrical experience that ties together a heritage journey with thoughtful commentary on a place tragically caught up in cycles of oppression and violence.”


Blood of Our Soil is a quietly remarkable event… tightly written, beautifully designed, and skillfully performed. It’s well worth your time to pick up the pieces.


Blood of Our Soil packs a punch… [Makuch’s] passion and creativity shine throughout the show.


I should make it clear that the play is not a propaganda piece crafted to instill patriotic fervor in a time of war. Rather, it is more of a study into the suffering inflicted upon the human psyche by the trauma of large-scale conflicts that are beyond the ability of most individuals to either understand or control… It is that process of sruvival that is the real crux of the play

Volodymyr Kish – Blood of Our Soil – New Pathway 21 March 2019


Lianna Makuch’s “Blood of Our Soil” examines Ukrainian resilience in a history that repeats itself.


Personal becomes political in Lianna Makuch’s  “Blood of Our Soil.”


A revealing Q&A with Lianna Makuch.





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Edmonton Premiere – March 1 – 10, 2018


This is the work of great theatre.

Blood of Our Soil, Pyretic Productions- Westbury Theatre, Edmonton

Of all of the amazing and transformative productions I have seen this year, Blood of our Soil brought something new to the table.

Pyretic Productions: Blood of our Soil

A riveting and heart-rending “tour-de-force”


A diary, an inheritance, and a struggle come to life in Blood of Our Soil

A diary, an inheritance, and a struggle come to life in Blood of Our Soil

Edmonton’s Pyretic Productions bring Blood of Our Soil, a pressing story of a forgotten land


Top 10 Things To Do in Edmonton

10 things to do in Edmonton this week: Art show, book launch and youth orchestra

Exploring human truth: Talking with Lianna Makuch, writer and lead actor of ‘Blood of Our Soil’


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