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Photo by Alexis McKeown Photography


by Lianna Makuch

About the Play

Alina is a physical theatre experience driven by an evocative drum-and-bass, EDM score. It is a coming of age story set against the backdrop of war. The play is inspired by the true experiences of a 19-year-old volunteer Ukrainian combat medic on the front line of one of the deadliest battles of the war in Eastern Ukraine in 2015. 

Alina leaves everything behind to go to the frontline and fight for a future she believes in. Fueled by coffee, energy drinks, and cigarettes, her journey begins as an idealistic, adrenaline-charged adventure. But things abruptly take a turn. It is when she returns home to the shock of peaceful civilian life that she realizes her struggle does not end on the frontlines. 

Alina is an exhilarating, breathless journey toward and away from war.

Photo by Alexis McKeown Photography


In Feb 2020, Pyretic participated in an inspiring artistic residency at IZOLYATSIA Institute in Kyiv, Ukraine. We conducted in-depth interviews with a young woman named Alina Viatkina about her remarkable experience as a volunteer frontline combat medic in 2015. Being a 19-year-old young woman, Alina was unable to join either the official military or volunteer battalions. In spite of this, she posed as a journalist and independently made her way to the war zone. 


Alina – Shortlisted for 2022 Alberta Playwrighting Award – Lianna Makuch

Nominated for 4 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards (Edmonton)

  • Outstanding New Play
  • Outstanding Movement Direction
  • Outstanding Set Design
  • Outstanding Sound Design



Review: Alina a timely tale of war and courageous choices

Liane Faulder, Edmonton Journal, May 27, 2022

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Liz Nicholls, 12thNight, May 27, 2022

Preview: The inheritance of war and the passion for freedom: Alina is a Ukrainian story

Edmonton Journal Stage Notes: World premiere of Alina from Ukraine’s frontline to Studio Theatre

Edmonton playwright helping donation drive for Ukrainian defence supplies

CKUA – On Theatre: New work from Lianna Makuch at Collider Festival. 

Grant Stovel, April 07, 2022


Premiered: May 24 – June 5, 2022

STUDIO THEATRE at the ATB Financial Arts Barns (10330 – 84 Ave)

Photo by Alexis McKeown Photography


Alina – Christina Nguyen

Featuring Lora Brovold

Creative Team

Written by Lianna Makuch

Directed by Patrick Lundeen

Movement Direction by Amber Borotsik

Dramaturgy by Matthew MacKenzie

Production Design by Stephanie Bahniuk

Electronic Composition by Noor Dean Musani

Video Design by Amelia Scott

Sound Design by Aaron Macri

Stage Management by Lore Green

Produced by Sheiny Satanove

Outreach Coordinator & Associate Producer – Mel Bahniuk

Production Management & Technical Direction – Chris Kavanagh & Simon Wicks

Head Carpenter – Will Chichak

Emily Randall – Scenic Painter

Andrée Simard – Production Assistant

Photo by Alexis McKeown Photography




Thank you to our funders




The unimaginable full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has shaken the world. At the time of writing this, tens of thousands have been killed in just over a month, over 5 million refugees have fled Ukraine, and a humanitarian crisis looms over Europe. This is in addition to the impacts of the Russian-backed invasion of Ukraine since 2014, which had already killed over 13,000 people and displaced over 1.7 million.

Since Russia waged war on Ukraine on February 24, 2022, we have put out a call to our community for donations to purchase medical supplies, life-saving protective equipment and medical aid for our friends defending Kyiv and we have already raised over $60,000. We have been sending funds to Alina directly. She has been sourcing and purchasing supplies, using Michael Rubenfeld’s flat in Krakow as a base of operations, then bringing it back across the border to Lviv, where it is being delivered directly to volunteers and then onto those on the front line who need it now, including her own husband.


We are trying to raise 120,000 EURO to help Alina Viatkina purchase and deliver critical, life-saving protective equipment to front-line volunteers.

Your funds will go directly toward helping people on the front line, and avoid red tape and fees associated with NGOs. Please still donate to those organizations as well — but this is a fast and reliable way to help those who need it now.

Ways to donate:


Directly to Alina

Canadian Etransfer

Send etransfers within Canada to Note “For Alina.”

*Lianna is keeping diligent accounting of donations made on behalf of Alina Viatkina

Bank Transfer

UAH (hryvnia)

On the card:

5169 3305 3010 2455


UAH (hryvnia)

To the account:


44904807 EDRPOU




44904807 EDRPOU




44904807 EDRPOU

Russia has waged an unprovoked and brutal attack on Ukraine. They have directly and punishingly attacked civilians, including kindergartens, daycares, maternity hospitals, and humanitarian aid convoys. They have mined green corridors for civilians to escape, and have been holding civilians hostage in besieged areas. The time to act is now, and we in the West need to do what we can to support.

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