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The Other is a sexy dark comedy about longing and not belonging.

A Canadian raised in India, Sharon returned to small town Alberta as a teenager and has never felt like she belonged anywhere. This feeling of alienation has only been compounded by the fact that Sharon has never been in a ‘normal’ relationship.

Sharon has a pattern.

Sharon has a weakness for a certain kind of man.

Sharon’s partners have all had one thing in common.

Sharon makes the best pickles you could imagine.

The Other was first produced as a co-production with the Good Women Dance Collective in Edmonton in 2016 as part of the Theatre Network Performance Series, followed by the Toronto premiere as a co-production with Company Blonde.

The Edmonton premiere starred Amber Borotsik, while the Toronto premiere starred Monica Dottor.

“ It leaves you spinning through space alone, watching and waiting.”

– Liz Nichols, Edmonton Journal


“Eureka! Theatregoers strike it rich.”


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