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The Particulars by Matthew MacKenzie is the darkly funny and subtly powerful story of one insomniac’s struggle to maintain a daily routine born of emotional denial in the face of a home invasion. Gordon plays himself and his own narrator, through deadpan third person narrative, giving the piece a surreal buzz.

The Particulars has been produced throughout Canada and most recently, Pyretic Productions was invited to perform the production in New York City’s United Solo Festival.



The New York Times
“Smart, strange and stirring, in exactly the right ways.”

“The Particulars is a profound new play that is written with precision, empathy, and imagination.”

Edmonton Journal ★★★★½
“Matthew MacKenzie has written a beautiful, funny story…The Particulars broke my heart and I didn’t even see it coming..”

The Particulars is a darkly funny, subtly powerful tale.”

Toronto’s NOW Magazine ★★★★
“Sharp and richly detailed social satire.”


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